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Provide fast color solutions
  Since 1985, we have been engaged in plastic color compounding and color masterbatch production. We have imported Minolta color management system。Plastic color of the company for more than 20 years We have rich experience in color matching and good cooperation with many pigment manufacturers. Our experienced color engineers provide customers with fast color matching services。 We provide customers with free color solution consultation。
  At present, we can provide customers with PE, PP, ABS, hips, PC, PMMA, PA, PC / ABS, PA, TPE and other base material color masterbatch。

Every year, we provide more than 2200 kinds of color masterbatch for our customers, and we supply more than 500 kinds of Color Masterbatch from stock all the year round。

Provide perfect material solution
  We have a technical development team led by many masters in materials science and an advisory group composed of well-known experts in the industry, We have established a good cooperative relationship with many domestic scientific research institutes and well-known universities, and can provide customers with various product material solutions。
  We have advantages in halogen-free flame retardant, antistatic and alloy of plastics. In recent years, we have received government funding for the following projects:
  In 2004, "Application Research of environmental friendly halogen-free flame retardant in polymer materials" project
  In 2005, the project of "halogen free flame retardant PC / ABS composite material for vehicle" used for interior decoration of high-grade trains
  In 2006, the project of "environmental friendly flame retardant plastics for electrical components (PP)" was used to replace engineering plastics for electrical appliances
  In 2007, "halogen free flame retardant PBT / PC alloy" project for high-grade automobiles。
  In 2008, "PP microporous structural materials" project。
  In 2009, research and development project of ABS and hips weather resistant masterbatch for refrigerators and other electrical appliances。
  In 2010, "preparation of high barrier materials by in mold lamination technology" project
  In 2011, the project of using in mold lamination technology to prepare high conductivity materials
  In 2012, light diffusion masterbatch project for LCD backlight source group
  We can supply the following materials from stock: halogen and halogen-free flame retardant PP, ABS, hips, PC, PC / ABS alloy, extinction ABS, heat resistant ABS,
Modified PP for automobile

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