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Polyolefin anti-aging Masterbatch

1、Product Brief :
 This product is made of a variety of highly effective light stabilizers and antioxidants by optimized composite processing, with high light stability, thermal stability, extraction resistance, low volatility, good resin compatibility and transparency。This product can effectively inhibit or reduce the degradation of polyolefin plastics caused by thermal oxidation in the process of processing and molding, and greatly slow down the degradation of polyolefin plastics products caused by ultraviolet irradiation in the use process
2、Scope of use:
 This product is widely used in plastic woven bag, container bag, artificial lawn silk, geotextile, polypropylene fiber, non-woven fabric, insect screen, sunscreen and other outdoor products, and can also be used in polyethylene agricultural film, greenhouse film, pipe and other products。
3、Adding proportion:
4、Matters needing attention:
 It should be avoided to use together with CaCO3 and other filling components as far as possible, otherwise, the anti-aging effect will be affected。
 Store in a well ventilated and dry place, no more than two years since the production date。

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