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Light diffusion Masterbatch

1、The principle of light diffusion:
 A certain proportion of the scatterer material (light diffusing agent) is added to the transparent matrix material. There is a certain difference between the optical properties (such as refractive index) of the scatterer material and the matrix material. When the light passes through the matrix material, it will reflect and refract at the interface of the scatterer material. The point light source or line light source with relatively concentrated light will be transformed into a light source with uniform and soft surface。
2、Product Brief:
 For different resins (such as PC, PMMA, PS), this product uses different organic light diffusing agents as the main active component, with moderate difference in light refractive index with the base resin, with high haze and light transmittance; the light diffusing agent used in this product has good heat resistance,
It will not degrade in the process and will not affect the color of the product; the carrier resin of the masterbatch is the same as the matrix resin, with good compatibility and dispersion, and will not affect the mechanical properties of the product。
3、Scope of use :
 Light guide plate, advertising light box plate, LED light cover, instrument cover and other optical components

4、performance index :

Serial number




Volatile matter (water content)

≤ 0.4%



≥ 90%



≥ 80%


Specific impact strength

≥ 95%


Specific tensile strength

≥ 95%

5、Adding proportion :

6、storage :
 Store in a well ventilated and dry place, no more than two years since the production date。

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