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Special color masterbatch for refrigerator board

1、Product introduction :
 Our company has produced ABS Color Masterbatch for refrigerator board since 1991 and developed hips "special color masterbatch for refrigerator board" in 1997. The successful development of this product filled in the domestic blank at that time. Before that, the domestic refrigerator board industry used the special dye imported from abroad, and the price was very high. Our "special color masterbatch for refrigerator board" was developed successfully. We can adopt the method of adding color masterbatch with general extrusion grade raw materials to produce refrigerator board, which can reduce the material cost by nearly 1000 yuan per ton。

 Our company "special color masterbatch for refrigerator board" has obtained the national invention patent, patent No.: zl200810243981.7. The refrigerator brands that directly and indirectly use our mother materials are: Xinfei, Hisense, Kelong, Electrolux, Samsung, LG, Haier, Meiling, Konka。

2、Product classification :
 1、Ordinary plate grade 
 2、Weathering plate grade (Patent number:ZL200810243981.7)
3、Reference proportioning :
 1:20~1:50(Users can make their own deployment according to the color requirements)。

4、technology index :

Serial number





Smooth surface, uniform size and consistent color


Melt flow rate

> 3.0


Volatile matter (water content)  %

< 0.5


Heat resistance grade  %



Coloring strength



Total chromatic aberration

L 55   E 1.0

L 55   E 3.0

 Store in a well ventilated and dry place, no more than two years since the production date。

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