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Special color masterbatch for engineering plastics

1、Scope of use 
 This series of color masterbatch is suitable for the coloring of ABS, hips, PA, PC, PMMA injection and extrusion products. With bright color,
It has good dispersibility, excellent heat resistance and light resistance, and can prepare functional color masterbatch according to customers' requirements for product color and performance。

2、Product classification 

 Products are divided into 

ABS Color Masterbatch

ABS Injection molding stage

ABS Special for refrigerator board

HIPS Color Masterbatch

HIPS Injection molding stage

HIPS Special for refrigerator board

PC Color Masterbatch

PC Injection molding stage

PC Special for hollow plate and sunshine plate

PC General extrusion grade

PMMA Color Masterbatch

PMMA Injection molding stage

PMMA Bathtub

PMMA General extrusion grade

3、Usage method 
 Mix evenly according to the proportion。
4、Reference proportioning 
 1:20~1:50(Users can make their own deployment according to the color requirements)。

5、Technical index 

Serial number





Smooth surface, uniform size and consistent color


Melt flow rateg/10min

≥ 2.0


Volatile matter (moisture content) %

≤ 0.5


Heat resistance

≥ 5


Coloring strength %



Total chromatic aberration(CIE LAB)

L 55  Δ E 1.0

L<55   Δ E 3.0

 Store in a well ventilated and dry place, no more than two years since the production date。

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